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Senior Technical Staff Recruitment, Xiamen University(2017)

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Founded in 1921 by Mr. Tan Kah Kee, a well-known patriotic overseas Chinese leader, Xiamen University is one of China’s key and first-class universities that enjoy privileged support from the government’s “211 Project” and “985 Project”. Two Collaborative Innovation Centers initiated by XMU have been included in the “2011 project, a nationwide initiative launched by the government to upgrade innovation of higher education. Boasting a full range of disciplines, outstanding faculty members and global impact, Xiamen University is an ideal place for talent cultivation and scientific research. Nestled between the green hills and the blue sea in Southern China’s Fujian Province, Xiamen University is widely recognized as one of the most beautiful and inviting university campuses in China.

Since its founding in 1921, Xiamen University has set up the strategic goal of becoming a “University of the World”, and has always been carrying forward the fine teadition of “gathering talented people, helping them fulfill their full potential”, in keeping with its motto – Pursue Excellence, Strive for Perfection. A great many of influential faculty members call Xiamen University home, where advanced teaching and research equipment and a sophisticated public service system are available for them. Besides, there are over 200 research institutions at Xiamen University, among which there are 4 national key laboratories, 4 national engineering laboratories, 1 national engineering technology research center, as well as 5 key laboratories, 3 key engineering technology centers and 5 key liberal arts research bases under the Ministry of Education.

We sincerely welcome outstanding professionals engaged in engineering and experimental techniques from around the world to join us, grow with us and contribute to our ongoing efforts to achieve the strategic plans to become “a high-level research-oriented University well-known worldwide firstly and to be ranked among top universities worldwide in the future”.


I. Positions Available

There are 57 senior technical positions covering engineering technology, experimental technology, literature, publishing, and hygienic techniques, etc. Please kindly check the “2017 List of Senior Technical Staff Positions, Xiamen University” or visit the official website Xiamen University Job Opportunities ( for the details of positions available.


II.Essential Qualifications

1.Applicants should possess sound ideological and political views, decent moral qualities and a good sudy spirit, as well as physical and mental health;

2.Age requirement: Applicants for a senior position should be no more than 45 years old (born after January 1st, 1972) and those applying for an associate senior position should be no more than 40 years old (born after January 1st, 1977 ).

3.For more detailed requirements, please kindly refer to the “2017 List of Senior Technical Staff Positions, Xiamen University” or visit the official website Xiamen University Job Opportunities (

4.Applicants should possess the technical expertise of the corresponding technical position, as well as other basic recruitment qualifications required by Xiamen University.

III. Recruiting Procedures

1. Xiamen University technical staff recruitment opportunities are open to the whole world. Applicants can submit their applications at any time.

2. The University will review application documents and contact the applicants by following the University procedures concerning recruiting technical staff.


IV. How to Apply

1.Applicants should visit the official website Xiamen University Job Opportunities, register and log on in the talents recruiting system of Xiamen University (

2.Applicants should provide their personal application information in the system, and submit scanned files that can prove applicants’ required qualifications (PDF file format, including certificates and diplomas, research achievements such as papers, monographs, research projects and patents, awards and others).

3.Applicants should select a position and submit their application.

4.The deadline for application is December 31st, 2017. The positions are subject to updates in light of the recruitment progress.


V. Contact Information

1.Contacts at University level

Mr. Chen Dawei, Tel: +86-592-2184723

Ms. Ye Youjing, Tel: +86 592-2181582

Mr. Wang Zhihuang, Tel: +86-592-2186239

2.Office Hours

Monday to Friday (national holidays excepted) 8:0011:4014:3017:30 (Beijing time, GMT+8)


VI. Others

To download more techhnical staff recruitment-related documents of Xiamen University, please visit the following website:


2017 List of Senior Technical Staff Positions, Xiamen University.pdf