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Faculty Recruitment for 2018, Xiamen University

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Founded in 1921 by Mr. Tan Kah Kee, a well-known patriotic overseas Chinese leader, Xiamen University is one of China’s high-level universities as designated by China’s National Ministry of Education under the government’s “211 Project” and “985 Project” and one of the A-level universities in national “world class universities and disciplines” project, with two Collaborative Innovation Centers initiated by XMU being included in the “2011 project”. Having a full range of disciplines, outstanding faculty members and global influence, Xiamen University is an ideal place for talent cultivation and scientific research. Located in the green hills and the blue sea of  Fujian Province in the South of China, Xiamen University is universally acknowledged as one of the most beautiful universities of China.  

Since its founding, Xiamen University has set up the strategic goal of becoming a “University of the World”, and has always been adhering to the fine tradition of “gathering large numbers of talented people and giving full scope to the talents”, in keeping with its motto – “Pursue excellence and strive for perfection”. Xiamen University offers a vibrant teaching and research environment with a time-honored culture and tradition that fosters both professional and personal enhancement. Many leaders in their chosen fields of expertise, such as the distinguished writer Lu Xun, chemist Lu Jiaxi, famous economist Wang Yanan and the well-konwn mathematician Chen Jingrun, have called Xiamen University home. At present, Xiamen University is on the way to its strategic goal to become “a worldwide well-known  high-level research-oriented university and one of the top universities in the world”.

We sincerely welcome outstanding academic professionals from all over the world to join us and contribute to our ongoing efforts to realize Xiamen University’s historical breakthrough  as “the strength of Southern China”.

Positions Available

1.Xiamen University has a long-term plan for recruiting high level talents through national, provincial, municipal and university talent programs.  

2. Please kindly check the “The List of Faculty Positions, Xiamen University 2018” for the detailed positions of professors, associate professors and assistant professors available. Newly employed assistant professors(lecturers) and assistants are recruited with pre-employment management. Please visit the official website Xiamen University Job Opportunities ( ) for details.

3.Medical positions will be released soon in a separate recruitment plan.


Essential Qualifications

1. Positions for High-level Talents

Relying on to the national project of Chang Jiang  Scholars Program of ministry of education, Minjiang Scholar Program of Fujian Province, Double Hundred Scholars Program of Xiamen, Outstanding Young Talents Program of Xiamen, Nanqiang Young Top-notch Talents Supporting Program of Xiamen University and other high-level talents programs, the university are recruiting a group of outstanding talents and leaders in their chosen field of learning with international leading level and good academic reputation and a group of young top-notch talents with international competitiveness and good potential of development.

Applicants should possess sound ideological and political views, good moral qualities and research spirit, as well as physical and mental health and be able to work on full time basis. Please refer to annex 1 for basic application requirements, as specified in the current talent programs of the nation-level, Fujian province, Xiamen city and XMU. Those who meet the requirements of high-level talents introduction program of  Fujian Province (Please refer to the website for details) can enjoy settling-in allowance.


2. Positions for Professors, Associate Professors and Assistant Professors

1). Applicants should possess sound ideological and political views, good moral qualities and research spirit, as well as physical and mental health.

2). Applicants should possess a doctoral degree from a renowned overseas or domestic university or other research institutes, or the highest degree awarded in a relevant discipline.

3). Be 45 years old or younger (born after January 1, 1973) for professorships; be 40 years old or younger (born after January 1, 1978) for associate professorships; be 35 years old or younger (born after January 1, 1983) for assistant professorships/lecturers.

4. Applicants should possess the expertise of the corresponding positions, as well as other basic recruitment qualifications required by Xiamen University.


Recruiting Procedures

1. Xiamen University recruits qualified faculty members and researchers around the world. Applicants can submit their application documents at any time. Required positions will be updated dynamically according to the progress of the recruitment.

2. Xiamen University will assess the applying materials and contact the applicants according to the related procedures of recruiting talents and teaching staff.

How to Apply

1.Applicants are recommended to apply on our official website Xiamen University Job Opportunities ( Please register and log in the faculty recruiting system.

2.Please fill in application-related information, then submit evidence of professional qualifications as attachments (including but not limited to all relevant diplomas, degrees and certificates, detailed listing of all relevant research achievements, including proofs of publications of papers, monographs, book chapters, working papers, patents, and any relevant awards or other types of professional recognition and distinction, in PDF format).

3.Select a suitable position and submit your application.

Contact Information

1.Contacts of University Personnel Division

Ms. Ye Youjing Tel: +86-592-2181582

Mr. Wang Zhihuang Tel: +86 592-2186239

2.Office Hours

The above contacts will be available during 8:00-11:40 a.m. and 14:30-17:30 p.m., Monday to Friday(holidays excluded), Beijing time.

For related regulations about the faculty recruitment of Xiamen University, please refer to the website

Annex 1 Basic Application Requirements of High Level Talents .pdf