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Xiamen University Postdoctoral Research Fellow Recruitment Announcement(2017)

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Founded in 1921 by Mr. Tan Kah Kee, a well-known patriotic overseas Chinese leader, Xiamen University is one of China’s key and first-class universities that enjoy privileged support from the government’s “211 Project” and “985 Project”. Two Collaborative Innovation Centers initiated by XMU have been included in the “2011 project”, a nationwide initiative launched by the government to upgrade innovation of higher education. Xiamen University is an ideal environment for talent cultivation and scientific research as it boasts a comprehensive range of disciplines and subjects, a solid foundation of qualified faculty, as well as a wide international influence. Near the hill and facing the sea, Xiamen University of scenic beauty is generally acknowledged as one of the most beautiful universities in China.

 Xiamen University is one of the first organizations approved by China to establish postdoctoral research centers. Most of the postdoctors trained by Xiamen University have grown as academic leaders and backbones of the organizations they serve. Some outstanding ones have become leading scholars such as the Chinese Academy of Sciences academician, Distinguished Professor of Yangtze River Scholar, Chief Scientist of “973 Program”, or the winners of National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars and so forth. Xiamen University have 31 postdoctoral research centers at present with a number of cooperative supervisor teams mainly consisted of leading scholars and academic leaders.

To achieve the strategic plans to become “a high-level research-oriented University well-known worldwide firstly and to be ranked among top universities worldwide in the future”, during the next five years, Xiamen University will take postdoctoral researchers as its important reserve force of high-level talents and main source of its faculty reserve by attaching special importance to constructing full-time postdoctoral research teams. 
   We sincerely welcome young talents from across the world to join Xiamen University!


A.Recruitment Requirements

1. Applicants should possess sound ideological and political views, decent moral qualities and a good sudy spirit, as well as physical and mental health;

2. Applicants should have obtained a doctor’s degree from well-known colleges, universities or scientific research institutes;

3. Applicants should be under 35 years of age ( born after January 1st, 1982 );

4. Applicants should meet other recruitment requirements by XMU postdoctoral centers.


B. Areas of Recruitment

Chinese language and literature, Chinese history, philosophy, archaeology, world history, journalism and communication, foreign languages and literatures, statistics, applied economics, theoretical economics, business administration, management science and engineering, public administration, politics, sociology, law, pedagogy, mathematics, physics, electronic science and technology, chemistry, chemical engineering and technology, materials science and engineering, biology, marine science, environmental science and engineering, ecology, information and communication engineering, computer science and technology, control science and engineering, instrument science and technology.


C. Recruitment Plan

Please check the “2017 Xiamen University Postdoctoral Research Fellow Recruitment Guidance.pdf” for the details of the openings and their requirements.


D. Benefits and Policy Support

1. Salary more than 160,000 RMB (before tax) per year;

2. Postdoctoral apartments or room renting allowance provided;

3. The children of postdoctors will enjoy the same privilege as those of Xiamen University faculty members in kindergarten and school registration;

4. Postdoctors will be bestowed the titles of Assistant Research Fellow, Associate Research Fellow or Research Fellow accoring to their academic performance during their stay in Xiamen University research centers;

5. Excellent postdoctors may be selected to become faculty members of Xiamen University.


E. Application Procedures

1. Applicants should email their application materials to their cooperative supervisors with subjects as “name + name of target research center + postdoctor”. The application materials mainly consist of :

(1)Personal curriculum vitae;

(2) Scanned files that can prove applicants’ required qualifications (PDF file format, including certificates and diplomas, research achievements such as papers, monographs, research projects and patents, awards and others);

(3) Recommendation letters of two experts.

  2. After the applicants have reached a recruiting intention with cooperative supervisors, they should visit the online system for China’s postdoctoral affairs (, register and provide necessary personal information. Then, print the form of the “Application for Postdoctor Admission” and sign on it.

3. Applicants should visit the website of “Xiamen University Job Opportunities”, register and log on in the talents recruiting system of Xiamen University.

4. Applicants should provide necessary information in the recruiting system, and upload the form of the “Application for Postdoctor Admission”.

After gaining the initial approval of the target research center, applicants shouldsend relative materials to the staff members of the corresponding center according to the requirements in “Xiamen University Postdoctoral Research Centers Recruitment Procedure”.
“Xiamen University Postdoctoral Research Centers Recruitment Procedure” is available at the following link:

F. Contact Us

Please refer to “2017 Xiamen University Postdoctoral Research Fellow Recruitment Guidance” for the contact information of the XMU Postdoctoral Affairs Office and of each postdoctoral research center. 
   Office hours: Monday to Friday (national holidays excepted) 
   8:00—11:4014:30—17:30 (Beijing time, GMT+8)


2017 Xiamen University Postdoctoral Research Fellow Recruitment Guidance.pdf

Contact Information.pdf